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Ecological responsibility

Within its scope of business, OPTIMA Group, Oil refinery Brod, Oil refinery Modrica and NESTRO PETROL monitor basic environmental parameters during processing, production and sale of petroleum products in order to minimize ecology and safety risks.

Regular measurement of air and water pollution is performed at the refinery by renowned agencies. Modernization and investments allow us to continuously diminish emission of pollutants.

Oil refinery Brod JSC acts in accordance with ecological standards and ecological permit issued by the Ministry of Spatial Planning, Construction and Ecology of the Republic of Srpska. Quality analyses of soil, water and air are performed in accordance with acting regulations and by inspection checks, based on which inspection bodies draft reports, which certify compliance with defined norms. Ecology Institute of Banja Luka performs monitoring every 3 months.

A Working Group was formed by relevant Ministry of the Republic of Srpska and Council of Ministers and Ministry of Ecology of the Republic of Croatia. The Group professionally and constructively addresses the issue of improving air quality in the territory of the cities of Brod and Slavonski Brod. Representatives of the Refinery are members of the Working group, whose meetings they regularly attend in order to discuss and implement the agreed measures.

Oil refinery Modrica JSC operates in accordance with ecological standards and environmental permit issued by the Ministry of Spatial Planning, Construction and Ecology of Republic of Srpska. The refinery operates in accordance with ISO 14001:2004, which defines environmental protection requirements at the level compliant with applicable laws and regulations and interested parties demands, requiring elimination, reduction and controlling aspects that may adversely affect the environment. In addition, Refinery identifies and evaluates general parameters, such as: air emissions, water discharges, land releases, use of resources (water, energy, raw materials, etc.) and incidents.

Discharges in the air, water and land monitored by the Refinery management comply with legislation of the Republic of Srpska. In addition, the quality of purified waste water discharged into surface water is measured by refinery’s own accredited Test Laboratory.
The quality of fumes from the combustion plant is also controlled.
The refinery has a waste management license issued by the relevant RS ministry.

In order to address the problem of waste material generated by different processes, cooperation has been established and contracts have been signed with authorized organizations, in the country and abroad, in order to provide environmentally acceptable waste disposal.

Planned activities in this area include continued implementation of ecological projects, monitoring, adoption and elaboration of legal regulations and standards, as well as harmonization of refinery operations with their requirements, reduction of accidents and negative environmental impacts and strengthening industrial security.

NESTRO PETROL JSC Regular checks of products and services are made in all petrol stations. The priority for NESTRO stations is enhancing safety and reducing other business risks

We show respect for our operation environment not only by complying with relevant laws and regulations, but also by following strict ethical standards.