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Processing & Manufacturing

Oil Refinery Brod, JSC

Oil Refinery Brod manufactures petroleum products that are used daily in the economy (in industry, construction engineering, transportation, households). Oil Refinery Brod is supplied with crude oil via the Adriatic Pipeline (“JANAF”), which enables continuous operation of the plant. Crude oil is stored in appropriate tank farms within the Oil Terminal, and also within the Refinery. The total crude oil processing capacity is 4.2 million tons per year. Today, the Refinery has in operation the capacities able to process 1,200,000 tons per year, while the additional 3,000,000-ton processing capacities are under construction (repairs and modernization).


Oil Refinery Modrica, JSC

In March 2009, Oil Refinery Modrica put into operation a hydrocracked base oils and paraffin manufacturing department. Feedstock for base oil production, being the basic raw material for the production of hydrocracked base oils, is procured from the Oil Refinery Brod. The planned total base oil feedstock processing volumes in 2010 were 60,000 tons. Main advantages of hydrocracked base oils arise from the very nature of technological process, i.e. all technologically and environmentally undesirable compounds are thereat transformed into technically desirable compounds. Hydrocracked base oil advantages are especially distinguished in the production of modern motor, hydraulic and turbine oils.