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Sustainable development

OPTIMA Group is a modern company, and the nature of its main business activities requires special and constant attention as to ensure a healthy, safe and secure environment. This is exactly why OPTIMA Group is developing clear and firm procedures and standards, applies new clean technologies and builds partnership with stakeholders. Sustainable development is one of the priority directions of OPTIMA Group business activities. The future we are building is the future of energy efficiency, with a greater use of renewable energy sources, the future of respect for laws and human rights, the future of optimal use of available capacities and natural resources.

Our goal is to protect people, property and environment, to create a friendly work environment and a responsible business. Our resources are the innovation, investment and open dialogue. Business transparency, confidence partnership, investment in safety, health and professional development of our staff, responsible approach to environmental protection, investment in society, its needs and values​​, are the backbone of sustainable development principles that we apply.

- We invest in employees by job creation, appropriate training and professional development

- We apply the incentive and reward system

- We provide employees with safety and health at work

- We care about rational use of resources, environmental protection and local population health

- We implement preventive measures and timely respond to incidents and accidents

- We invest in local communities and regions, social infrastructure and in quality of social services and assistance to vulnerable population