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Quality and standards

During 10 years of its business, OPTIMA Group significantly contributed to overall quality improvement of fuels, oils and lubricants offered to consumers in the market of Bosnia and Herzegovina and countries of the region. Well-known, high-quality products made in Oil refinery Brod and Oil refinery Modrica are sold primarily in domestic market, as well as in foreign markets which undergo strict controls.

Quality of goods and services is a priority for development of business and a basis for obtaining new and keeping existing clients.

The quality of our products is guaranteed by our Refineries and the sale is performed though a reliable distribution network and own retail of petrol stations NESTRO, delivering products to end consumers of our products and services.  Our task is to provide our customers with safe purchase of domestic products, whose quality is fully maintained during transport from strictly controlled production warehouses of refineries to tanks of their vehicles. Quality is our competitive advantage!

Different types of motor fuels and motor lubricants and oils are in line with the most demanding European and world standards, while products sold in domestic and foreign markets are of identical quality.


Oil refinery Brod

Oil refinery Brod produces petroleum products which are in line with EURO 5 quality standard. The quality of petroleum products made in the only refinery in the country is ensured by continuous control (including crude oil, processing facilities and finished products checks) performed by the laboratory of Oil refinery Brod, whose regional superiority is achieved thanks to up-to-date equipment.

Laboratory was BATA-certified in 2010 for over 60 test methods, which enables us to perform strict quality checks of technological production process and end products in order to meet requirements of the international standards and obtain corresponding certificates.

Oil refinery Brod is equipped with up-to-date technology, which along with highly-qualified personnel provides its superior regional ranking, ensuring product quality and compliance with certificates issued.


Oil refinery Modrica

Oil refinery Modrica is in its region a symbol of decades-long tradition, production quality and it upholds inherently good reputation resulting in trust. With tradition of over 60 years, Oil refinery Modrica developed one of European most modern Blending centres in 2015, total investment amounting to over 14 million euros. Construction of a new automatized blending centre additionally enhanced the quality of oils and lubricants, while providing more efficient production, increased energy efficiency, production flexibility, additional refining capacity and a high degree of environmental protection.

Production process in Oil refinery Modrica is controlled by a separate laboratory which controls refining of base oil mixture, production of base oils and paraffin, lubricants, functional fluids, as well as process of industrial waste water processing and its output quality. The laboratory is certified in accordance with BAS EN ISO/IEC 17025:2006 standards. International standards and testing methods are applied in product testing.

Oil refinery Modrica is one of the first companies to meet EU requirements regarding improved health and environment protection, which enabled it to become a full member of European REACH community.

Quality of Oil refinery Modrica products is best confirmed by approvals of leading vehicle manufacturers, such as Volvo, VW, MAN, Renault, Caterpillar, BMW and others.



NESTRO PETROL JSC with its 85 petrol stations is the biggest retail network in BH. Its petrol stations sell only the petroleum products produced in Oil refinery Brod. Alongside with top-quality fuel, oils and lubricants, NESTRO petrol stations offer everything your vehicle may need for impeccable performance and safe driving.

NESTRO also offers a range of other useful services, such as car washing, and amenities such as coffee bar and children playground.

We build and develop trust based on QUALITY!