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Optima Group has achieved international success by selling quality petroleum products.

Our mission is to offer customers high-quality petroleum products at affordable prices. This is what brought us to the position of one of the largest B&H companies engaged in manufacturing and sales of petroleum products, which we successfully demonstrate by marketing of our products in several European countries and beyond.


Optima Group is a fair employer

We pay our employees a regular salary, while all employees who contribute with their professional work approach to successful operating of our company’s business are entitled to premium pays. Mutual respect for employees, teamwork and fairness make our day life. Our employees are the foundation of our success.


Optima Group is under the direction of “Zarubezhneft” and “NeftegazInKor”

The company must serve the people. This is our owners’ guiding principle, present in all sectors of the company. Our owners take great importance to company’s long-term success, which shall guarantee economic stability and job security. Our company growth is entirely funded for from its own resources.


Job offer

Optima Group employs highly educated and motivated people who want to build a career in our company through years of work. If you want to submit your CV, please send it to