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Donations and sponsorships

During the ten years of business, NESTRO Group helped organize many social, sport, cultural, charity and other events and activities in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

NESTRO Group defines priorities and provides support for projects which are important and beneficial for society and environment of our business. We are devoted to helping useful projects in culture, ecology, youth and professional sports in order to help changing the society and local community for the better.

We have a rich and varies history of sponsorship - our logo was displayed on many sports events, charity events for children without parental care, in educational, cultural and musical events for children. Development of NESTRO Group helps create better environment for development of other companies, individuals and society as a whole, which is namely why we do not disregard social responsibility and strive to support many initiatives which are important for everyday life of our consumers.

Companies of NESTRO group do not subsidize nor provide sponsorship to:

  • political parties, government institutions of any level,
  • events which may be considered offensive,
  • organizations and events which encourage racial, religious or other discrimination.

NESTRO Group provides and will keep providing support to projects which promote positive values in society.

We develop good habits!

How to apply for donation?

NESTRO Group in Bosnia and Herzegovina, which includes OPTIMA Group, Oil refinery Brod, Oil refinery Modrica and NESTRO Petrol, supports charity events and cooperates with the following organizations on projects:

Based on list of these organizations you can assess our contribution and see how we reply to numerous requests sent to addresses of the companies of NESTRO Group. We will try to objectively consider your requests and fulfil as many of them as we can.
To apply for donations and support of charity projects, please fill the e-form below:

How to apply for sponsorship?

NESTRO Group in Bosnia and Herzegovina, which includes OPTIMA Group, Oil refinery Brod, Oil refinery Modrica and NESTRO Petrol, is willing to establish constructive cooperation and support activities which contribute to positive development of society and environment in which we operate.

Committee for sponsorship and donations was established in accordance with Rules On Sponsorship and Donations of Zarubezhneft JSC Moscow dating from May 2014. The Committee considers requests for sponsorship and donation, controls spending of the allocated funds, analyses end results and controls social and financial cooperation programs which are implemented jointly with various towns, municipalities, organizations and individuals in Bosnia and Herzegovina, the Republic of Srpska.