Foreign trade enterprise “Zarubezhneft” was established in 1967 within the USSR Ministry of Petroleum Industries, with a responsible task to bring Soviet oil sector on the world market, and to improve the level of Russia’s foreign trade ties. Zarubezhneft successfully coped with such a task.

The company can rightly be proud of the fact that, owing to the work of Zarubezhneft, largest national oil production companies were equipped and put into operation and important oil facilities were built in more than 30 world countries, whilst at the same time Russia gained trusted partners and friends in these countries.

By developing in Soviet times various forms of international cooperation in the oil and gas industry, such as technical support, integrated construction engineering and establishment of joint ventures, and also by sending their experts to installations abroad and by close cooperation with major oil corporations, Zarubezhneft contributed to the activation of process of Russia’s integration into the global economic community.

It should be noted that Zarubezhneft, despite many changes in social, economic and political spheres of life in Russia, has managed to retain its leading position in the international oil and gas market, and to combine the accumulated experience and knowledge in the foreign trade operations field in various world regions. This became the basis for the future development of the company. Zarubezhneft still remain a public enterprise, and in 2004, by a Decree of the President of the Russian Federation, Zarubezhneft was granted the status of the company of strategic importance. In recent years, a number of significant changes took place in Zarubezhneft, both in the management policy, as well as in the economic development strategy. Over last four years, Zarubeznjeft has signed a number of important agreements and participated in promising international projects, which gives us all a reason to confidently look towards future.