Product Range

For more than 115 years, Oil Refinery Brod has been supplying the people and economic entities in Bosnia and Herzegovina and the countries in our region with energy resources. We strive to win and keep the trust of our customers and clients by our quality products. Through a retail network consisting of 95 petrol stations and a well-organized wholesale business, we offer different types of motor fuels manufactured to European standards.

At our petrol stations you can find EURO-V fuels that will improve the drivability of your car and protect the environment. If you choose to buy our motor oils, which have been manufactured at the Oil Refinery Modrica for more than 65 years, you should know that they were created in the result of our expert’s long experience and collaboration with major global automotive manufacturers.

Besides the gasoline and diesel fuels, different types of oils and lubricants, LPG and fuel oil, the Nestro Group manufacturing programme also includes a range of products intended for our customers in the industrial sector. On our website you can also find detailed technical information about specific products. You will find the information about our product range and services we offer all in one place.